Our Concrete Coating is Ideal because it's a 1 DAY installation! This means a quicker return to service than even the best epoxy and urethane products, which can take 3 to 5 days to install . Our concrete coating is UV resistant, so it will not chalk, fade, or yellow because of the sun, unlike epoxy.... GUARANTEED!   
NEXT, we repair all cracks and imperfections in the concrete surface, fill in all expansion joints and holes, all to restore the concrete to a flat and even surface.

Only then are we ready to install our 3 step concrete coating. Beware of companies that do not use 3 full steps or which say they are using POLYASPARTIC, but they are really using other chemicals for part of their installation and POLYASPARTIC for only part. The Ideal Concrete Coating uses ONLY Polyaspartic, for all stages.  
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      The Ideal Concrete Coating

e have The Ideal Concrete Coating for residential and commercial needs. POLYASPARTIC is the ONLY chemical we use, because it's the best! Our concrete coating is durable enough for residential garage floors, back patios, and walkways. Strong enough for commercial applications such as hotel common area's, restaurant kitchens and medical treatment facilities.

                       OUR PROCESS
FIRST, we use our diamond head concrete grinding equipment to prepare the concrete surface and remove all old coatings, stains, and imperfections. Do not be fooled by terms like acid washing or etching which only attempt to clean the concrete surface. Our machines are the ONLY way to insure proper penetration into the concrete.

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